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Sound and Music’s: Sounding Out – Digital

South Bank Centre. July 6 2014.


Jenni Roditi in attendance – out of personal interest.

(Unfortunately I missed the first 20 minutes or so of this discussion.)

Chair: Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut (Sound and Music board member)

Speakers: Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner), Brittney Bean (Songdrop),
Andrew Dubber (Bandcamp) and Michela Magas (Music Tech Fest)


Andrew Dubber (Bandcamp)

Ages of Communication –







The goal of creating music hasn’t changed completely yet and neither has digital age become fully embedded yet. We are solving electric age problems with digital age tools. What is the natively digital commodity? Older age products don’t disappear…. Music is a way that makes for other people… There’s an opportunity to invent new types of music creation that haven’t been invented yet.




collaboration social interaction. Band width is slow in certain parts of London. Move to Birmingham!!


Michela Magas (Music Tech Fest)


Generation C : “content creators”. Generations X and Y are passed now. They were about up and download speeds.

“The maker community” new sounds, new instruments, circuit bending, old electronics, sensors, transducers, all very cheap so lots of kids are into this all round the world. Super simple super effective. Immediacy of expression – messing round, working quickly and see how you can communicate! Rough like punk, raw expression. ‘Gunk – geek punk’. It’s immediate and genuinely felt.


Andrew Dubber (Bandcamp)


Music Tech Fest – experimentation hasn’t really happened for forty years. Minimalism with reel to reels – using available technology to experiment.


‘Modular synthesis’ movement in last ten years actually. Can find joy in simply making noise.  MIT body experience and music research with Scanner.


Audience member says things are going on but they are not being noticed….

Audience: exchanging music – used to be shops. ‘The Orchard’ distributor of Scanners music. Not great return, but still worth it because it makes it accessible.


It’s not so much about selling as experiencing….. Feedback through letters so encouraging. Always respond to that.


Brittney Bean (Songdrop)

How to make a business out of a new digital platform that she owns – it’s called “Song Drop”.

How do I work the digital world to share my work? Its like Lego …. But its also like clay.


Work with technologists! To help.  “I imagine a world where my music does this in this way. ” then the technologists can build that!,




explain – what is circuit bending by the way?? Re appropriating recycling the components from like old Casio machine. It’s part of a hacking scene. Didgeridoo blocked on one side and hooked to computer and amplification and then beat boxes through the didgeridoo. This kind of music is attractive not only to musicians but also to noise lovers and techno geeks.


Band Camp and Sound Cloud are the main sites on the rise. When the Cloud works properly this will be where it’s at with live relay of this new experimentation. Circuit Bending is being discussed as a new genre!


(who said this?) The bathroom tap in Venezuela was his most popular sound cloud upload – because it made a beautiful sound like Tuuvan throat singing.


Kicking at the edges of technology is the exciting thing. Like Sargent Pepper was in the old days (!)


Monetising music making


Scanner – Gambling is good ! Work on a lot of projects at the same time… Some pay well some don’t. But just work hard! Multi tasking and be out there and meet people and build relationships.

Scanner approached bbc and channel 4 with idea they didn’t reply – but Red Ball online , did – a six week series about how we listen to music – is now being made.


In the past you were either lottery winner musically or striving. Now it’s much more grey scaled.


The manner of conversation following up from whatever you post is crucial. Seeding conversations is important.


Band Camp is the best site to sell your music!! (Not reverbnation!).


Stems – what are stems ?  Stems are channels. People put up their individual stems online…..


Then once the stems are online people go off and are creative with individual stems.


Breaking silos – MTV have recorded video of individual stems so people can use them.


‘Whose Sampled’ company lets you find the source of samples in songs.

Copyright was designed to create a creative middle class. Copyright needs to be reformed.

Copyright comes from publishers 200 years ago. No one else should be dealing with your copyright.


Notes by Jenni Roditi © July 2014


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