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Dedicated Practice

These sessions are being set up following Jenni’s attendance at a week long Druphad singing training with Uday Bhalwalkar at the Asian Music Centre.

 During the training Uday said –

 “it is no use just copying…copying brings the destruction of real music – you must make your own music in your own way”. He also spoke about the need for dedication and practice of course – and a small group of us have taken this to heart and we are meeting when we can during the week in the evening. We blend the Indian classical Sa Re Ga practice with Vocal Tai Chi.


Please book via this page.

All are welcome to either sit in or join in!

These will be bespoke evenings – depending on who comes, with a spirit of dedication.

New exercises will be explored and practice will be guided by Jenni’s investigations and development of her own vocal work. You will be invited to practice along side Jenni – creating an atmosphere of accomplishing vocal tasks with dedication.

There will be practice on pitching, counting, rhythmic and melodic invention. The art of solo vocal improvisation will be at the heart of the practice with an emphasis on musicality as opposed to the workshop approach which is more based around mindfulness and ‘freestyle’ exploration.

Practising improvisation on the scale using sargam (like the solfege system) and free flow improvisation will both be included.

The difference between a workshop and a practice session is:

• Practice sessions are geared towards the presence of Jenni’s voice and musical directing as the central focus for others to work along side her and develop their own voices using Jenni’s voice and practical musicianship as a guide.

• Workshops are geared towards coaching offered to others and  not usually including Jenni’s voice. (Her previous performances and recordings are usually the main reference vocally in workshops.)