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Audience feedback for Jenni’s solo launch concert on January 21st 2012.

“There were moments of collective participation in a group revelation/teaching.”  James

“I wanted to do it myself – felt like a dialogue in a strange way.” Mandy

“Anything is possible now.” Laura

“You took me through the whole gamut of human emotions and on a journey around the world.” Sianed

“It was an embodiment of Divine Freedom. It reaches beyond where we have previously known, through an exquisite quality of vocal spontaneous presence that takes us with her.” Julia 

“I loved the singing, the depth, Kali, Shiva, male and female.” Andrea

“I was completely out of body for much of the music.” John

” I felt scared and liberated… its rude not to be your true self after a performance like that” Steve

“Enchanting, inspiring and nourishing” Caroline

“What works for me is the richness of sound” Jerry

“Depth, playfulness, opening” Rory

Participants feedback – from the February/March 2012 workshops.

“It all made sublime sense….(I learned) to start to dare to apply my improvisation techniques I know from Drama to my voice.” MC

“The work is healing, deep, creative, expressive, spontaneous and holistic. There is a vibrant synergy between all the elements… the performance, the material and the audience. You’ve hit the jackpot!” – M

“I like the way you managed the time and adapted to our needs whilst maintaining the structure…” – L

“(I learned) there is a natural teacher in everyone.” – RS.

“(I learned) it’s safe to improvise vocally…to let things flow naturally.” – MS.

“You have created a transformational space.” – AT

“(I learned) my voice reflects how I feel. It has more range than I expected.” – MB

“…confidence in exchanging and connecting vocally with someone else.” – KA

“…trust that the sound needed will come up.” – CT

“The vocal coaching is very useful and helpful and interesting.” – MT