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Jenni terra meta muso blog, post 3

Muso I’m going to work backwards through the three levels this time…. Music activities are in an interesting state of flux and reformation at the moment. Having finished all the creative work on Land Mass a couple of weeks ago – so many tiny, tiny tweaks to tie up across the project, I’ve now said …

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Jenni terra-meta-muso, post 2

October 22nd 2021 Terra is this earthy life, meta the metaphysical, beyond this earthly life, muso is a musician’s word for musician. TERRA This last couple of weeks has been mostly rather too much terra, but with some hugely relieving meta from time to time. In a nutshell I’m about to start converting the office …

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Jenni, meta-terra-muso blog, post 1

October 10th 2021   Today is the birthday of the great Tibetan, Djabje Lama Chime Rinpoche who is a very impressive 82 years old. He is my root teacher/ root Lama, as it is described in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. I ‘took refuge’ with him when I was 27. Taking refuge means I accepted him …

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Blog on Jenni Roditi’s Vocal Tai Chi Master Class

Alistair Smith composer and sound healer, blogging on Jenni Roditi’s Vocal Tai Chi Master Class 12.02.17   “The improvising voice is a mirror of your whole being and through it you can speak of yourself in new tongues ” – JR   I have been a participant in three Vocal Tai Chi Intensive Master classes. …

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Growing at the Mind Body Soul Exhibition!

So it’s the morning after the weekend before… plus one day off!! Vocal Tai Chi came of age at the weekend when I set off – with generous back up from a number of individuals – to Olympia to announce the arrival of VTC to planet Earth… as of …one year and ten months ago! …

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