Growing at the Mind Body Soul Exhibition!


So it’s the morning after the weekend before… plus one day off!!

Vocal Tai Chi came of age at the weekend when I set off – with generous back up from a number of individuals – to Olympia to announce the arrival of VTC to planet Earth… as of …one year and ten months ago! It’s hard to believe the work is still so young and yet enjoying this positive response from so many people! We must have given away about 650 leaflets and goodness knows how many people eyeballed the name. There were about a dozen bookings for workshops and a handful of individual session bookings as well. CD’s were sold and people signed up to the mailing list. It’s all starting to make an impression and that’s gotta be a good thing.

The four days went by in a flash – and yet they passed moment by moment in vivid techni-colour – as each task, conversation, vocal sound and booking felt like another mark on the universe that confirmed VTC is here to stay.

I have to thank Jazz Rasool for his enormous amount of help in making it possible to exhibit. He covered so many bases – excellent graphic design, web trouble shooting, planning, roady-ing, ironing on transfers to t-shirts, encouraging me and telling me to rest – and a lot more besides. Brilliant support, really. Helpers on the stand Louise, Danusia, Hazel, Lucy, Denise and Catherine are thanked again as well. 10008_10151740164223877_82760886_n

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