Vocal Tai Chi

moving voice between
heaven and earth 


Founded by composer-vocalist Jenni Roditi in 2012 this is a voice, movement, mind, body and soul practice. Liberation through hearing the voice of the Absolute Self, the Uncreated.

Is this a possibility? 

Yes. Opening up to the full spectrum of voice, we clear away the clutter of old narratives and fears and slowly rejoin the real Self, manifesting in sound, silence and amplified by the group presence.

Through Jenni’s coaching, using vocal improvisation techniques honed over thirty years, we arrive Home – waking up from the dream of forgetting, coming to remember, I Am That: pure, clear, limitless and free.

The voice as an expression of the infinite is a real possibility. It is both wild and tame, it is everywhere and nowhere, – it is your true voice and the joy and bliss of singing is now your gift to the world. 

Jenni Roditi 27.03.21

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“A fantastic blend of attention to the group process as well as our individual development. Insightful and intuitive understanding of what each of us and the group needed. I found a strength of being and confidence in my creativity that I didn’t know I had. Thank you.” Kate A, participant, Winter School, 2015.