Vocal Tai Chi

‘moving voice between
heaven and earth’ 


Your voice: a channel, leading directly to the core creative impulse and underlying purpose that you are looking to embody and make happen in your work and life.

Vocal Tai Chi can cut through the thinking mind and bring to the surface new, more fundamental reasons and meanings behind any project,  aligning it to your humane, ecological and spiritual goals, and helping you to fully feel the truth of the inspiration you want to generate. 

Vocal Tai Chi has proven over ten years that it can bring out essence, vision and full potential. You can use the work as a metaphor which can then be applied into your project, or, directly integrated if you are drawing on the voice as part of your work. 

Project Development in Group Workshops and One to Ones

Vocal Tai Chi can help develop any work-in-progress project further.  Be it a new seed of an idea or a well developed piece or project that needs to expand and grow. 

It offers a creative space to undo the thinking mind and reconnect with your subtle felt-sense, touching into underlying motivations and visions.  By sounding out missing parts of your particular inquiry, new perspective and depth are added, bringing clearer focus and renewed energy. 

The voice in Vocal Tai Chi is a visceral sometimes emotional experience, taking you out of the ordinary, towards encounters on a more prescient plane.  You can use the work to open up blocked thinking and root out more authentic intention and purpose behind any project.  

“…What are you working on right now….?”  



Founded by composer-vocalist Jenni Roditi in 2012 Vocal Tai Chi is a voice, movement, mind, body, soulful and spiritual practice. Rooted in the Tai Chi principles of grounding, centring, flow and openness, alongside the musical art of both free and guided vocal improvisation.

You do not need to be a musician or singer to do the work, you just need willingness, and belief that using your voice in service of your current inquiry could well be the missing key to reveal vital new understanding and information. What is more close to you than your voice? 

Creators, performers and entrepreneurs of all kinds – whether you work alone at the desk, out in the field, in the rehearsal room, the studio, the lab or the office, are invited to bring material to develop as part of any ongoing research and development. 

Using the medium of VOICE to unlock new perspectives on any developing material – this is a laboratory process, which includes dialogue alongside sound and voice work, movement and stillness – that helps feed into your practice and research.


Find expanded vision and insight in the creation of new work, be it revisioning, editing or starting from scratch. 



We will be looking at your core creative/performance/philosophical questions and needs and how your voice can get you closer to discovering what it is that actually wants to be born, grown, celebrated, championed or campaigned for.

Using your voice, across all the levels it can inhabit, and finding elemental fullness, honesty and freedom brings a cascade of insights, images, symbols and sounds to draw on in developing materials. In sound, and silence, and amplified by the the presence and full attention of the other/s listening – there can be multiple revelations through spontaneous vocal utterance and creative activation. From here new work of all kinds flourishes out of the unknown, effortlessly giving back what has been missing. 

As the voice bubble through your skin, limbs and larynx, out into the world for hearing ‘as it is’ – the possibility of fundamental reorganising and learning arises. This fullness brings unhindered awareness, deeper understanding and creative flow. 

Through Jenni’s coaching, using vocal improvisation techniques honed over thirty years, this work acts as a direct channel to source material. How you apply that in your own life and work is then completely open to you. 

“The true sounds of your voice are everywhere and nowhere.”

Jenni Roditi 27.03.21

“A fantastic blend of attention to the group process as well as our individual development. Insightful and intuitive understanding of what each of us and the group needed. I found a strength of being and confidence in my creativity that I didn’t know I had. Thank you.” Kate A, participant, Winter School, 2015.