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Vocal Tai Chi is a form of freestyle singing that is rooted in principles and basic practice of Tai Chi and has been uniquely developed by composer-vocalist Jenni Roditi.

Naturally Arising

VTC offers a new place for people to enter into a genuine creative and healing process from wherever they are along the path of music, voice, improvisation, breath, body and energy. Attending workshops is a good entry point for discovering the work.

Whether you are an experienced ‘singer’ or a beginner, VTC offers a creative space for you to unfold your voice.  You begin to create a wide ranging and unique vocal palette, covering ranges from the basement to the attic of your voice. As a new landscape of voice opens up to you, spontaneous songs, often without words, sometimes with words or phrases, appear  – voicework that comes from within you – in the moment. The vocal practice is centered and grounded in gentle and supportive movements rooted in Tai Chi.

If you have questions, stories or thoughts like –

  • What am I looking for?

  • What’s missing?

  • I was told I couldn’t sing when I was young

  • I want to have more fun in my life

  • I’m trying to get away from thinking so much

  • I always get stage fright

  • I don’t like loud notes

  • I’m just too shy

  • I can’t sing high

  • I don’t have any low sounds

…then Vocal Tai Chi might be able to help.

If you want to improve your voice in any of the areas above – or similar areas of concern – VTC is proving that it can be of help.

Plenty of Experience

Jenni slowly matured her Vocal Tai Chi singing style over thirty-five years with research and creative activity into contemporary, indigenous and therapeutic voice work singing techniques, while composing prolifically. These resources have come together naturally in Vocal Tai Chi, founded in January 2012.

Why not try a workshop, or meet Jenni for a private consultation and one to one sessions. 

Spontaneous Songs

As a new landscape of vocal sound opens up, spontaneous songs appear – with and/or without words : – singing that comes from within – in the moment. People are amazed at what they can do, find and share with each other. There’s a sense of authenticity and truth when things flow well.

Hearing Voices – Healing Voices

When people listen to Jenni sing they often report hearing glimpses and echoes of indigenous voices from around the world in her voice – Indian, African, Persian, Indonesian, Aboriginal, Mongolian, Spanish, Egyptian, Celtic, Inuit, Pygmy… As well as recognizing this, they often find that the music seems to be moving energy in the room while shifting and releasing tensions in the body.

Answering the Call

In responding to a call for workshops growing out of her solo performing it has emerged that many people who sing Vocal Tai Chi, under the direction of Jenni’s coaching, find that they are reaching a depth of connection to themselves through their voices that feels to many like ‘coming home’ to parts of themselves previously hidden.


Graham Fine Art Gallery. May 13 2012.

At the Crouch End Festival, Graham’s Fine Art Gallery,  May 13 2012.
Photo Steven Kelly.