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One-to-One Sessions

One to one sessions give you a chance to explore Vocal Tai Chi in more depth than may be possible in a workshop.

I suggest an initial private consultation prior to starting one to one individual sessions. (Please note – you may participate in one to one sessions and workshops on an on-going basis, in most cases.) If I have already met you at a workshop – this will suffice as a consultation in most cases.

One to one sessions are particularly useful if something specific has come up in a workshop that you would like time to revisit in a private space.
Or it could be that you simply want private time to work on the practice of your Vocal Tai Chi as an alternative to joining a workshop.

Date/s and time/s of your one to one individual session/s should be arranged by email. Please contact admin @ vocaltaichi .com to make your appointment/s.

Appointments are available Mon-Fri 11am – 6pm in North London, N8. Some evening appointments are also available.

SKYPE – if you are unable to come to Crouch End to work with Jenni – a one to one Skype session can be booked instead.

Initial Consultation Session

One to One Initial Consultation Session, 1hr  £65

Consultations with Jenni last 60 minutes.

You will experience the work as well as discuss your circumstances during the hour.
Both the practitioner and the client will have the opportunity to come to a decision, during or after the session, about continuing to work together or not. 

One to One Sessions

Single One to One VTC Session, 1hr:  £75

Block of 3, One to One VTC Sessions, 3x1hr. Pay in advance.  £214 (save 5%)

Notice of cancellation or rearrangement of your session is needed 48 hours in advance.

  • cancellation made less than 48 hours in advance of session booked – 50% payable.
  • cancellation made less than 24 hours in advance of session booked – 100% payable.

Thank you.