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Vocal Tai Chi One-to-One Sessions

One to one sessions give you a chance to privately explore Vocal Tai Chi with Jenni,  and any related practices you wish to bring in – your own creative enquiries, leadership skills for Vocal Tai Chi, conduction techniques for vocal groups (see The Improvisers’ Choir) and looping. 

Appointments are available weekdays 12pm – 7pm in Crouch End, North London, N8 and/or online, where practical. 
Some evening and weekend appointments are also available.

Free of charge for newcomers: 10/15 minute exploratory conversation on Zoom.

Initial exploratory session (for newcomers) 

In person: 75 minutes: £140
Online: 60 minutes: £120

Initial exploratory session including looper* (for newcomers) 

In person: 75 minutes: £160 

Single follow up session/s

In person: 1 hour: £125
Online: 1 hour: £100

Single follow up sessions including looper*

In person: 75 minutes: £140

Blocks of sessions 

In person: block of 3 @ £115 ph:  £345
Online: block of 3 @ £105 ph: £315
In person: block of 6 @ £110 ph:  £660
Online: block of 6 @ £95 ph: £570

Blocks of sessions including looper*

In person: block of 3 @ £130 – 75 mins:  £390
In person: block of 6 @ £120 – 75 mins:  £720

Looper only sessions

Intro level..

50 minutes each – due to technical nature of session, slightly shorter is better.

In person or online: single, £60 
In person or online: block of three, £150.

*Sessions with the looper include sending you a copy of the recording made on the looper during the session. 
Notice of cancellation of your session is required 48 hours in advance.
Cancellation made less than 48 hours in advance:100% payable.