Would you like to apprentice in Vocal Tai Chi and receive a certificate reflecting your completion of an apprenticeship process enabling you to become a ‘Vocal Tai Chi Artist-Leader’?

Please email to go on the interested list.

Foundation [module 1]

Where are you at? What do you know? Where have you been? Where are you going? What can you do? What do you want to do?  Please read the Home page for further description of the work.

Any of the areas below may be of particular interest to each person and practice can be tailored to each person’s interests individually, as well engaging with all six spaces collectively. However, we will do the work as a whole, rather than break down into these different areas, as they continually crossing over with each other, but they are perhaps the main touchstones.

The six VTC spaces

  1. VTC as music
  2. VTC as therapeutic
  3. VTC as leadership 
  4. VTC as collaborative 
  5. VTC as philosophy
  6. VTC as meditation 

Development [module 2]

As we move into the second stage we will shine more light on these six areas separately while continuing to work with all six as a whole as well.

  1. VTC as therapeutic: listen under the words, read the timbres, set the right exercise, when to intervene, demonstrate, inspire, wait, contain, invite self-reflection and insight.
  2. VTC as music:  hear the line, improvise, create, find your style, blend levels, different tastes, honest music.
  3. VTC as leadership:   guide, include, tolerate, respond, suggest, provoke, follow.
  4. VTC as collaborative:  work together, relationships with co-creators.
  5. VTC as philosophy: How does VTC integrate and activate wholesome life?
  6. VTC as meditation: How might VTC open the door to a spiritual path? 

Empowerment [module 3]

Collating and presenting your practice. This stage will be where you begin to run your own trial sessions, privately and in front of the group to demonstrate of your VTC artist leader work in –

  1. One to one
  2. Group
  3. Performance
  4. Collaboration
  5. Repeating the opening questions: Where are you at? What do you know? Where have you been? Where are you going? What can you do? What do you want to do? 
  6. How will you include VTC in your own accumulating practice methods? 
  7. Feedback to build the process for next time 

Becoming a Vocal Tai Chi Artist-Leader

To honour the work Jenni is offering, based on 30 years of experience developing her expertise, you will need to be approved by Jenni to use the title ‘Vocal Tai Chi Artist-Leader’. Attendance throughout the apprenticeship is a given to receiving this approval. If you have had to be absent for a session or more then a catch up can be arranged.

If you have attended regularly, participated fully, and can demonstrate your own Vocal Tai Chi in a comprehensive manner, then you can expect to be approved. Exceptions to this will only be rare and discussed privately if a situation arises.

Team members

Jenni will invite different musicians in to support the practical work and there will also be a Tai Chi teacher, a psychotherapist, a meditation teacher or specific others (to be researched) who may be called in to be present and offering their expertise for some sessions.


The start date for the work will only commence following the publication of “The Routledge Companion to Women in Musical Leadership – from the Nineteenth Century to the Present Day” due out in November 2023, within which Jenni Roditi has contributed a chapter “Beyond Music Workshops – A Composer and A Community.” This chapter goes into some detail about Vocal Tai Chi and related practices, and will act as a reference document in establishing the apprenticeship – you will hopefully be able to read my chapter before making a final decision to apply, although that is not a prerequisite.

Please email to go on the interested list.

Financial Support

I’m delighted to announce that there will be some financial support offered for cases of special need thanks to a generous donation from close supporters. Receiving financial support will be available based on demonstrated need and strength of application combined, and decided on a case by case basis.

There will be two options to apply for in terms of requesting support.

  1. There will be one full scholarship available to enable one person to attend fully supported, all costs covered, if that is demonstrated to be essential.

2. The second option is that there will be a few part payments available where you will only pay two thirds of the fee and support will be given for the third module i.e. £750, if you cannot meet the full amount.

This assistance is only for people who can demonstrate financial need, outlining their situation clearly in the application, and also have strong suitability and commitment to the work.


Full payment to be made in advance. Deadline is January 1st 2024, 7 weeks before the first session. Payment per module is not an option I’m afraid as it is too time consuming to keep track of all the different arrangements that would then be struck.


You have to be really clear that you want go for it and get to the end of the journey. Don’t apply if you just want to have a bit of an intensive workshop for yourself. That can be arranged separately and is a totally different approach from what will be offered. This is a process in which while working on your own voice and discovering other peoples voices you will also be in a process of moving from caterpillar to butterfly with your leadership skills in this practice. Everything that you do as a practitioner will be regarded as material for learning and building up conscious and intuitive skills as a Vocal Tai Chi Artist Leader.


If there are unavoidable absences due to illness or family matters et cetera catch up can be arranged as is suitable and necessary.


Three modules of five days each run over nine days, one day on, one day off. 6 hours, at least, per day.

There will be some extra sessions with guest facilitators, these will be paid for on a one-off basis and you only need come if you want the input being offered, as extra curricular.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday.

The main reasons for spacing things out are energy conservation and absorption of the work.

Dates will be in 2024

Foundation: February 19 – February 28, 2024

Development: April 22 – May 1, 2024

Empowerment: June 24 – July 3, 2024


£2,250.00 [£750 PER MODULE X3]


Applications will open Summer 2023 and close December 3rd 2023. Notice of your acceptance on the apprenticeship will be before Xmas 2023, 8 weeks before the apprenticeship begins. Enough time to make travel and accommodation arrangements as needed without rush. Payment as arranged, with, or without financial support, is requested on January 1st 2024.

Preview Sessions

From summer 2022 running through to summer 2023 there will be a series of preview events (on and offline) for the apprenticeship. You may attend one or more of these events.