Jenni terra meta muso blog, post 3


I’m going to work backwards through the three levels this time…. Music activities are in an interesting state of flux and reformation at the moment. Having finished all the creative work on Land Mass a couple of weeks ago – so many tiny, tiny tweaks to tie up across the project, I’ve now said goodbye to that stage and begun festival submissions via the Film Freeway portal and occasional internet screenings on OnJam.TV.

I’ve also joined a site called LiftOff Global Network which coaches new filmmakers into entering the marketplace. So far I have got some basic coaching on how to funnel your fans into subscribing and purchasing tickets with a brand new Land Mass landing page, which was definitely needed.

OnJam has also proved to be very helpful in looking to the outside world: they have partnered with a company called Feed which offers to run a social media campaign of your already posted Facebook and Instagram posts – but to a highly targeted demographic, based on my unique Facebook ‘pixel’ (I don’t know what it is but it’s the lynchpin apparently). After 6 days of a 21 day campaign here are the results so far:

Feed promotional campaign of Land Mass

My new project – which is still not outward facing yet – Across the Ocean of Voice in Motion, will also be screened via OnJam TV as live performances, streamed from the Loft, and then available on demand.

I have to thank the BOSS RC 505 looper for giving me such a new creative wave during lockdown and really offering a user friendly enough technology that I can relax with it creatively.

I continue to research and develop a musical exchange with Alistair Smith, harp, and more recently with Adrian Lee, electric guitar. Another exchange has also begun with Hayden Parsey, piano.

A couple of evenings ago I was relaxing and musing on nothing in particular and from nowhere the word Apprenticeship dropped into my mind. That was all it took – ah – an Apprenticeship in Vocal Tai Chi. Within a few hours I had a page up on the website and put the word out on Facebook. Expressions of interest have begun to come through.

I’m getting settled into the Inside Out Musician community and with a monthly Ceilidh on zoom performed a couple of weeks ago a new piece which I generated based on a poem by Mary Oliver: Ich Bin Der Welt Abhandon Gekommen – and used the Mahler piece the title refers to too.


Life in the physical body of Jenni is not always so straight forward. Having been going to the gym three times a week since May I injured my back lifting a weight that was too intense and have had three back contractions in the last month or so. The body reflects the stress felt on other levels too, of course.

I’ve been trying to sort out a conundrum with my living situation – and another flat that I thought I was going to move into. It turns out that’s not going to happen, but instead I’m bringing in someone, to live here at the Loft instead. A second lodger. I’m finding my way out of the legal contract I signed on the smaller flat. It’s not a problem, it can be done (though the liability remains with me, if they can’t find another purchaser) but the red tape has had to be looked through carefully. That has been enough to cause stress that led to my back not holding me properly. I don’t just put physical challenges down to the gym.. it was life stress too.

I intend to return to the gym and continue, but I will tell him 20KG is too heavy for me! The miracle of the body to recover, from such an acute episode, as I had on Friday, where everything just snapped tight, is quite astonishing. I’m now up and about again, after three days of feeling very restricted. Thank goodness!


I’ve been pondering how to write about my recent Meta level life on this blog. Some things are just impossible to put into words.. or perhaps too private, too otherworldly or too intangible.

So I decided I would use this space to ponder about those imponderable places – the private, the otherworldly and the intangible. Things that can’t be shared but are ever so significant, nonetheless.

Dreams, for example are sometimes just flotsam and jetsam but sometimes a dream lands that is so real it feels more real than life itself. More alive, more magical and more sacred. I wake up after such a dream and feel whole, free, happy, gifted from the universe, from another in particular, and from life itself. Such a dream stays with me, in memory, if not experience, probably forever.

And such a dream I had a couple of weeks ago. I can’t describe it, but I can explain here that it was profound. It helps the struggling Terra Jenni to remember – that is not the only level, that’s just the ground floor, where super voluptuous moi, sometimes struggles in the physical.

I reside – more fully and completely as my Self, beyond the physical, beyond the mind, beyond human nature, beyond ego, beyond bliss and beyond all knowledge. I AM, I, and beyond that –

I belong to the Uncreated. That is Home.

an always beginning, rock of light

I don’t mean that as a negative place. It’s a place of Always Beginning.

And that is ultimately a sublime resting place from which Jenni, beyond any name, am called, and call upon, as the most alive state in which to exist.

[With gratitude to Henckel for his continued teachings, twice a week. I am truly beginning to engage with the language Henckel uses to explain this imponderable, this private and this intangible, holy moly! of a life.]

Jacobs Dream Ladder, by William Blake

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