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Listen In

What is a Listen In?

…not a workshop, not a concert… but a Listen In.

“Listen In” is a new style event which gives me a chance to give you back my voice more fully than I can do in workshops but without the formal structure of a concert.

It will be an early evening event (giving you a chance to go on to another event afterwards).

I will sing Vocal Tai Chi, but I may stop ….  and discuss something that occurs to me .. or I may decide  ..I’m going to investigate this single phrase for the next five minutes and see what else I can get out of it…(this will usually mean finding more nuance and depth of line or tone, but it might mean going off somewhere totally different). 

I hope that this will inform your own practice and expand your own approach; how to listen in, discover new ideas and new ways to practice.

My own listening in will guide what will happen, without the need to deliver a proper ‘concert’ or a proper ‘workshop’.

It’s an experiment….  I have a feeling there is a rich hidden ground here… and of course I may also ask you to join in with your own voices in some way… it will depend entirely on what is revealed and created through the Listen In container…

There is also the possibility I may sing you one of the many hundreds of songs I’ve written over the years ….including pop, folk, rock, ‘extended vocal technique’, ‘long songs’, opera arias and choruses, choral, ballads and more…  on guitar or piano…or… I may click ‘play’ and we can Listen In to a recording of something…


The first Listen In will be on January 18th at 5pm.
Cost – suggested donation £10.
Please book in the usual way through meetup or drop me an email.