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The Workshop Experience

The workshop starts with check-in from each person and goes on to warm up the voice and body, the mind and the heart during the first half of the workshop. Exercises focus on integrating the body with the voice through simple explorations, often rooted in Tai Chi and vocally drawing on a number of different techniques and traditions, including voice movement therapy, indigenous singing practices and extended vocal techniques. The work is suitable for all – and the group often consists of a mix of those with less and those with more experience – both levels benefiting from each other.

The second half of the workshop concentrates on individual (and sometimes duet/trio) coaching through unique performances/sharings of Vocal Tai Chi from each person. This involves singing at the microphone with backing tracks to support the improvisation.

The body draws on the practice of simple Tai Chi and other exercises explored during the first half of the workshop. The individual singing usually starts with a particular area they wish to explore –

  • a colour or texture in the voice
  • a breathing technique
  • a physical position
  • a feeling
  • mainly long sustained notes
  • mainly short sharp notes
  • mainly delicate/mainly assertive
  • something vast/something tiny in the imagination
  • a place inside that simply wants to wait and see…..

As one participant said “anything is possible now..”.

Coaching is offered from Jenni based on extensive experience in many areas of creative, performance and therapeutic voice work.

“You took us on an amazing journey through our unconscious and wild parts to bring out our individual creativity and expression. A fantastic blend of attention to the group process as well as our individual development. Insightful and intuitive understanding of what each of us and the group needed. I found a strength of being and confidence in my creativity that I didn’t know I had. Thank you.” Kate A, participant in the Winter School 2015.