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2015 Archive

January 25th – Bumper workshop
January 31st
VTC is three years old! evening celebration

Apologies – this archive has not been kept during 2015.

2014 Archive

This year has been focused intensively on composition, however
Workshops, Master Classes, Mandala sessions, Dedicated Practice evenings and a Spring School have all been part of 2014 VTC activity.
One to one sessions have continued with regular clients during the week.

November 7th 2014 – sang  five minutes of VTC over Cassie Yukawa playing Bach’s Prelude in C and Simon McBurney reading an extract from John Berger’s “And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief As Photo’s”, passage beginning; ‘…When we Listened…’..

The evening was directed and narrated by Simon McBurney and featuring many performers including Cassie Yukawa, piano, Diana Yukawa, violin, Nitin Sawney, guitar, Nicki Wells, vocals, Lenny Henry, Tom Hollander and Sam West. In aid of funds to restore the Nave, home of the Rudolph Steiner School, Islington.

January – May – daily composition work to write Not This for the Trittico Trio.
June – August – daily composition work to write Geo Muso for the Ignite/Shiva Nova bands.

September – October – resting after small operation.

September 17th – premiere of Not This – 1901 Arts Club
September 20th – premiere of Geo Muso – Kings Place, Hall Two.]

2013 Archive

November 3rd – Master class 3

October 25th – 27th Exhibiting at Body Mind Soul Exhibition Olympia.

October 12th – Concert Loft Club Band Debut, the Loft. Guests: pianist Dhevdhas Nair and percussionist Magnus Mehta.

September 28th – Performance at The Vibe Gallery, Bermondsey. 8pm – 9.30pm

September onwards – ongoing Open Workshops about every three weeks and ongoing Dedicated Practice  every week

Webinar – September 9th 7.30pm – introducing the first Bespoke Training starting January 2014.

August 23-25th – concert, workshop and master class in Derry, Northern Ireland – as part of the European City of Culture celebrations.

August 4th – Master Class 2

April – June 2013 Workshop Series 6

April 25th – Miracle Cafe short solo supporting Charlie Smith singer songwriter and  main speaker Jason Chan – Tai Chi Master. As part of the ACIM (A Course in Miracles) evening gathering.

April 20th – Vocal Tai Chi Workshop Spring Concert at the Loft. With workshop performers and contributions from Jenni.

February 28 2013 – ‘Miracle Cafe’ solo performance. As part of the ACIM (A Course in Miracles) evening gathering.

February 17 2013First Master class in Vocal Tai Chi.

January – March 2013 Workshop Series 5.

2012 Archive

December 23rd – solo performance of Vocal Tai Chi at Coffee Circus – Crouch Hill N8. 3pm Free entry. Great coffee.

Sep 30, Oct, 28, Nov 18, Dec 16 VTC Workshops: series 4.

Oct-21 22 Invited to a weekend of Continuing Professional Development with The Voice Project. (postponed)

Oct-19 Meeting with the 21st Century Leadership Programme for update on our various leadership projects. JR  leadership project on VTC.

Oct -16,17 VTC performance/workshop for the International Association of Voice Movement Therapy, conference.

Sep-23 VTC performance/workshop for the Association of Transformational Leaders conference, Windsor. Video interview with Lilou Mace for her Juicy Living Tour.

Sep-15 VTC Newcomers workshop at RADA 18-22 Chenies, Street WC1. 2.30-4.30pm.

Aug -31 BASCA (British Academy of Composers Songwriters and Authors) requested VTC proposal for submission to CCS (Creative and Cultural Skills) as part of their bid to the UKCES (UK commission of Employment and Skills) for government funding to roll out VTC throughout the creative industries. (Proposal was deemed ‘over specific’ in the end).

Aug-17  VTC workshop for the Global Summit on Collaboration. Performed VTC in closing ceremony of summit with Richard Shulman, piano. 60 people in attendance.

Aug-15 Perform VTC in Cultural Soiree for the Global Summit on Collaboration. Stratford Old Town Hall, marquee.

July 1, 14, 29, Aug 11, 12 VTC Workshops: series 3

July 8, 22 Two research-dialogue sessions on the future of VTC with groups of half a dozen people

Jul-21 VTC performance and workshop presentation with Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Conversations with God’ community, The Medical Foundation, Finsbury Park, London.

Jul-21 VTC solo concert 3, with guest musicians Sianed Jones, Kate Shortt and Malcolm Bruce and participants from the VTC workshop Alaena Adams, Mohini Chatlani, Mark Thomas

Jul-19 NHS “Mentoring for Diversity” – VTC solo performance, talk and workshop with 50 NHS employees.

Jul 18 Invited as Vocal Tai Chi creator and voice coach to the NHS Board Colloquium on ‘Authority’. About 60 enterprising guests from the helping professions in round table discussions on ‘what is Authority today?’. Hosted by Fulcrum, directors Mitzi Wyman and Dympna Cunnane.

Jun-30 VTC Workshop at Evolve Wellness Centre – South Kensington

Jun-27 VTC duet spot (with VTC workshop participant Mark Thomas) as part of the Holistic Media Network hosting talk with Dragons Den entrepeneur Rachel Elnaugh.

Jun-09 VTC workshop participants concert for friends and family with WS participants Veronica, Mark, Kate, James, Mohini, Alaena and Jenni.

May 5 – 13 Crouch End Festival 14 solo VTC gigs in 6 days around cafes and galleries in Crouch End with video footage of some performances made, culminating in shared performance at Graham’s Fine Art Gallery Crouch End Hill, where joined by WS participants Mohini and Alaena.

April 15, 29, May 13 27 VTC Workshops: series 2

Apr-03 VTC solo concert 2. Inspiral Lounge Camden Town, hosted by Katie Rose and The Garden of Roses

March 19 – May 17 21st Century Leadership Programme – Arts Council initiative looking at new directions for artists, arts leaders and artistic leadership in collaboration with Battersea Arts Centre, Sage Gateshead and Watershed Bristol. VTC performance as final presentationIs the Zeitgeist Really Open Source?”woven in with prerecorded backing track of interviews with four leading musician/leaders – Peter Wiegold, Evan Parker, Claudia Molitor and Max Baillie.

Mar-29 VTC solo spot as part of the Holistic Media Network hosting talk by Stephen Russell, the Barefoot Doctor.

Mar-17 recording of solo VTC to live dance with choreographer Annarita Mazelli for Place Prize submission.

February 12, 26, Mar 11, Mar 25 VTC Workshops: series 1

Feb-07 The Abbey Pub, Kentish Town – solo VTC open mic spot.

Feb-03 VTC solo open mic spot at Alchemy Camden Town ‘Love Fridays’.

Jan-31 VTC solo open Mic spot at Green Note Camden Town

Jan-29 One off VTC workshop ‘taster’ – The Loft

Jan-21 VTC solo concert 1. Launch at The Loft

Dec-28 2011 – Alaena Adams Xmas Party – spontaneous 5 minute spot singing Vocal Tai Chi for the first time in public.