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Master class

Next master class:

April 17th 2016

Audience welcome!


Here is a comment from one previous master class audience member giving feedback:
“… thinking about the feedback I gave, I could also see that what I could see in others I could also see in myself.  So the parts of their voices I resonate with must somehow be also in me…. I also marvelled at how the voice in all its variations gives each one a spectrum which makes up their particular very individual identity.”

As this comment testifies the audience experience is highly personal (while also being echoed similarly by others) and has a focused, creative aspect in itself.  Your feedback (only if you feel to give it) benefits the participants directly. Your presence, in and of itself, is anyway a benefit. The collective listening ear has a power all of its own….we are often touched by the power of the group to create a higher level of intelligence through the process of thinking (and feeling… and laughing!) together.


Session 1     12.00 -14.30
Session 2     15.15 -18.00

As an audience member your welcome to attend either session – or both
(see below for costs*)

Two or three  participants will receive solo, duet, trio time in front of an audience
with coaching from Jenni. A chance for in depth solo work – not possible for time reasons
in a workshop setting. At least one hour per person in the master class is offered. (see below for costs*)

Approximate schedule for the day for two participants:
Session 1
12.00     Arrivals
12.15     Welcome to audience and introductions. 
12.30    Participants discuss what they wish to work on.
12.45    Warm up – body voice work. (audience invited to join this)
13.00    Focus on Participant 1 solo (with P2 as accompanist)
13.30.   Focus on Participant 2 solo (with P1 as accompanist)
14.00    Focus on both together – duet (or Participant 3)
14.30   Break. 
Session 2
15.15    Play time –  body voice work. (audience invited to join this)
15.40    Focus on P2 solo (with P1 as accompanist)
16.10    Focus on P1 solo (with P2 as accompanist)
16.40    Focus on both together – duet (or P3)
17.10    Audience questions and comments. 
17.25   Felt-sense body voice work. (audience invited to join this) (or P3 performance)
17.40   P1 performance
17.50   P2 performance
18.00  Finish.

*Audience cost:

New cost reduction offer for audience-witnesses….!
The advertised charge for attending was #20 (pounds) for ONE OR BOTH sessions. This was to encourage people to stay for both sessions.
However, I would like to adjust this so you may attend for ONE session only (either pre or post lunch) at the reduced rate of #15 (pounds). Both sessions are still on offer for #20 (pounds), so it’s better value to stay the whole day, but ONE session only is now reduced by #5 (pounds) to reflect the shorter time. I think this is a fairer way to do it. Thanks!
Reserve on meetup.

 Master class participants: £70 each – if there are 3 people. £95 each if there are 2 people.