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Feedback from the certified 2023 apprentices

I anticipate that being part of the first cohort of the apprenticeship is something that will stay with me for my lifetime.

I had a sense of Jenni being at the live edge of her process, the vulnerability necessary in a new venture, being met and resourced by the depth and range of her skills, life practice and experience.

I appreciated the ritual elements of the modules on many levels, particularly as they didn’t feel contrived. For me they fostered a sense of presence and love, to myself, to the group, to beyond.

I am enormously appreciative of Jenni for the content of the modules, the way in which she approached facilitation, and the wholeheartedness behind the whole process.”  – HEATHER

“I have really appreciated the honesty, transparency, and responsiveness that you brought to the course Jenni. I also appreciate your matter-of-fact manner which meant that everyone was valued and treated equally, with space and care given to each individual’s needs, at any time.

The course could probably be twice as long and still have more to offer!

The essay has been an interesting experience… it has been a helpful way to begin to process, integrate and embed the learning.”  – ELEANOR

Once the first module was underway, I started to appreciate this way of working (one day on, one day off). It gave time for integration and reflection. As the course progressed, it also allowed the space to book in with practice clients, to practice Vocal Tai Chi methods in between course sessions and to socialise at events such as the Tibetan Monk’s concert at The King’s Place. I think Jenni managed to find a very good balance between following a well thought out course structure, whilst being very open to how the energy of the group might take things in a different direction. She was very open to our feedback and to trying out ideas that emerged. This felt like the path we took was very ‘alive’ and was increasingly shaped by us all along the way, whilst still working to a necessary framework to cover the important elements.  

 There was something very special about doing group sessions, solo improvisations and creative witnessing in the evening in Jenni’s flat, with the sun going down. I felt like we could really go into a deep space later in the day.– DAMIEN 

The balance of theory, knowledge and experience was perfect! All of the knowledge and theory fed in and out of, and around our vocal journeys and therefore amassed very real and significant meaning for all of us. I feel that this represents the core of the course’s success. 

It is extremely difficult to impart experience and innate gifts but I feel Jenni got as close as one can get, partly through her attentiveness and willingness to evolve with the group. I think that this humbleness and authenticity allowed us to see the process of VTC from a deeper inside perspective. A structure like this, a rotational unfolding, just seems so much more appropriate and allows the apparent multidimensional nature of VTC to be experienced and better understood. 

I came to an appreciation for this mobile form and now highly value this co-creative unfolding process, and feel it is vital to the course. To have Jenni acutely aware of and responding to what emerges was actually, in retrospect crucial to the progression and efficacy of the course. I am thoroughly looking forward and excited to become a Vocal Tai Chi practitioner!”   – ALISTAIR 

The overall pacing was great: the “one day on, one day off” format, the calm pace of the sessions – the pace seemed slow, yet the experience itself was rich and often intense. 

I got a sense overall that this work could be a realistic future prospect: I found the sessions overall energising and inspiring, and even as fledgling facilitator the tools of VTC made the experience meaningful and effective for my clients too.

Finally, it was the spirit of the apprenticeship, the quality of the learning environment, and the extraordinary leadership from JR that have made my experience a transformative one. The impact the apprenticeship has had on me is difficult to quantify or analyse, and in many ways, I feel that the real work is only beginning, both as a facilitator and an independent vocalist/artist.”- TUULA