Vocal Tai Chi is a form of freestyle singing that is rooted in principles, basic practice and philosophy of Tai Chi, Meditation and how this applies to Vocal Improvisation.It has been uniquely developed by composer-vocalist Jenni Roditi. Naturally Arising VTC offers a new place for people to enter into a genuine creative and healing process …

Story behind the name

The story behind the name ‘Vocal Tai Chi’ Vocal Tai Chi was first coined as a term in 2008. This is the story of how the name arose… At an interfaith gathering in 2008 I was doing some vocal improvisation around themes of tenderness and openness. On the way home my partner Jazz Rasool responded …


The PDF below shows the main streams of VTC, highlighting some of the main events that have taken place and the developing formats that have arisen chronologically.   VTC Architecture  


www.youtube.com/jenniroditi for more videos.    


 Vocal Tai Chi Here are five areas that are activated in the performance and coaching practices of Vocal Tai Chi 1. vocal, artistic and creative 2. body, breath and energy 3. feeling, emotion and thought 4. spontaneity, surrender and decision making 5. collective, trans-personal and archetypal These lists give a sense of the spectrum of …


Audience feedback for Jenni’s solo launch concert on January 21st 2012. “There were moments of collective participation in a group revelation/teaching.”  James “I wanted to do it myself – felt like a dialogue in a strange way.” Mandy “Anything is possible now.” Laura “You took me through the whole gamut of human emotions and on a journey around …


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