Recent past concerts of Jenni’s compositions and
solo improvisation work

July 5th 2015
New work: Fall Leaves Fall
performed by Genesis Sixteen conducted by Robbie Jacobs. Cheltenham College Chapel.
December 21st 2014,
VTC Performance Party The Loft, Crouch End.

An evening in celebration of the work with the chance to take a step towards public performance by singing your Vocal Tai Chi in front of friends, family and friends of friends.

As it is the winter solstice we will also spend some time creating a circle to meet the darkest moment of the year.

November 7th 2014  
The Listening Space – devised by Simon McBurney and Cassie Yukawa.
The Nave, Islington.

JR performed Vocal Tai Chi with Cassie Yukawa playing Bach’s Prelude in C and Simon McBurney reading an extract from John Berger’s “And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief As Photo’s”, passage beginning; ‘…When we Listened…’..

September 20th 2014, 16.30
Ingite and Shiva Nova – (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Cello, Double Bass, Vibraphone, Marimba and Percussion) play the first performance of ‘Geo Muso!’. Scored and with improvisations.
Kings Place, Hall Two.

Geo Muso! explores Geometric platonic rhythmic shapes, – especially with threes next to fours. It asks the players to have a Geographical sense of line and to improvise in the right terrain and …we all need to mine Geological depths of imagination to write and play great music!

I have created a piece that has refrains for everyone to return to, heads for each musician to develop, extensions where heads are echoed in various combinations and tails to end sections together. Improvisation is central to the piece – but so are the refrains, heads, tails and extensions.

Ignite are the in-house outreach and learning ensemble at the Wigmore Hall. The band develop materials in rehearsal from the scores provided. Featuring two well known players from the Jazz world, a classical Indian percussionist and five players with top improvisation skills from the classical world. Line up is: flute, clarinet, saxophone, marimba, vibraphone, cello, double bass and percussion.

The concert includes six new works all based on this same principle of partly prepared scores.

September 17th 2014
Trittico Trio   (Flute, Oboe and Piano) – play the first performance of ‘Not This’.
The 1901 Arts Club, Waterloo.

As I was preparing to write this piece, around new years day, I had a dream…the music grew out of this dream.

‘I was floating in space and feeling a sense of the form of a composition… a sense of beginning, middle and end. I saw what could have been a narrative line circling around me. (I literally saw a line). I felt safe and satisfied somehow.

Then suddenly I caught a glimpse of the whole thing – the beginning, the middle and the end – all at the same time. As I did the whole form dissolved; I was no longer safe or even perceiving. The form was gone, nothing was separate and it was as if everything was happening now.

As I woke up a huge burst of free energy filled my body and I felt overtaken by a force with a huge forward motion like being driven through a tunnel at the speed of light.’

Trittico are a unique trio specialising in adventurous and exciting contemporary repertoire for flute, oboe and piano.

The concert includes a number of first performances from contemporary British composers.